Photo Diary: Jasmine Archie

Photo Diary: Jasmine Archie

Meet Jasmine Archie.

Can you introduce yourself?
I’m a photographer from Nashville, TN. I moved to Austin about a year ago and absolutely love it here! I’ve been a photographer for 6 years now and have photographed all over the world! I work with different magazines, brands, musicians. I love shooting about anything. Behind my camera is my favorite place to be. 

What is your favorite form of creative expression or hobby?
Aside from taking photos, my favorite way to express myself creatively is through fashion. I love clothes/shoes/accessories and love getting to piece my outfits together to express who I am or how I am feeling that day. I throw pottery as a hobby, and it’s such a great form of meditation for me! 

While we’ve been in quarantine I’ve really had to get creative with my photography business and have been doing FaceTime shoots! They’re honestly so fun and I’ve been able to meet new friends around the world.




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