Interview with Notte Jewelry Designer Jessica Tse

Interview with Notte Jewelry Designer Jessica Tse

 Notte jewelry can be described as quirky and dreamy. It’s a grown-up version of those seashell necklaces you wore as a kid. Notte, founded by designer Jessica Tse, uses unexpected materials like dolphins, watermelons and peppers — fun, whimsical and reminiscent of childhood, but still sophisticated and refined.

While home in New York, Jessica spoke to us about her jewelry, her time in Italy, her daily routine, and how she stays motivated while working from home.

Notte Jewelry Interview with Jessica Tse

You’ve split your time between Florence, Italy and New York. Tell us about that. How did you end up living in both NY and Italy, and what do you love about both places?

I moved to Florence about 4 years ago when I started planning my wedding with my now-husband, who is from Florence. I was working for a New York-based trend forecasting agency at the time and I was able to do it from Italy. I would work during NY hours and then I would sketch and design jewelry late at night for fun, hence the name Notte, it means "night" or "goodnight" in Italian, because most of my ideas seem to come to me at night.

I love how different Italy and NY are. Being able to live in a Renaissance city like Florence was really inspiring. Everywhere you go you're just in awe. But NY will always have my heart. The fast-paced energy is irreplaceable, it's addictive. All my favorite people are here. I'm lucky enough to experience both.


Notte Jewelry Interview with Jessica Tse - ARO

Notte Jewelry with Jessica Tse - ARO

Can you recommend any books or podcasts you’ve been enjoying lately?

I'm listening to a bunch of different podcasts right now!
I love Ologies with Alie Ward, This Paranormal Life, and My Favorite Murder. As you can see, I have a weakness for anything true crime and supernatural. BoF's podcast and The Glossy are my go-to's when I'm in the mood for the business side of things.

What were you doing before you started Notte?

I was the Accessories Director for a trend forecasting company.

What piece of jewelry to you own and love, but did not create yourself?

That would be the gold capri-unicorn pendant that I wear almost every day. We found it in this 3rd generation Florentine jewelry shop and its one-of-a-kind deadstock piece made back in the 70s.  

Besides designing jewelry, what other interests or hobbies do you have?

When I do have time, I like to paint. I'm not great at it but I think I enjoy the process of it more than the result. It's almost like my way of meditation.

When the travel ban is lifted and things seem a bit safer, where is the first place you’d like to travel?

I think Italy! We love spending the summer there. A road trip through Utah and Arizona is also on top of our list.

Do you share your home or studio with anyone? 

I share it with my husband and our 6 lbs chihuahua, Vera.

What is your morning routine like?

Since I'm such a night owl, I wake up around 10 am. I usually have my breakfast while I check emails then I would get dressed and get ready for the day. Yes, even during the quarantine. I think it's important for me since I work from home. It helps me focus and gets me into "work" mode.

Tell us where you spend the most time in your home.

I spent the majority of my day in my little workroom where I make all my jewelry. It's kind of a crazy mess but I promise you I know where everything is! And I do all my "office" work like emails, calls, etc at my dining table.

A lot of people are finding it difficult to work from home, what tips can you give to stay productive while working from home?

It can definitely get tricky sometimes, it's important to set boundaries - physically and mentally. One of the things that I do is to get dressed for the day like I'm leaving for work. That way, once I change back into my sweats, I know its time to relax and unwind.

Set a schedule, keep a checklist, and make sure to pause sometimes to let your mind rest and reset. I think once you find your balance, and appreciate the advantages of being able to work from home, it can really help motivate you to be productive!

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