Interview with Gabo Martini Designer Gabo Martinez

Interview with Gabo Martini Designer Gabo Martinez

Introducing Gabo Martinez, the artist behind Gabo Martini ceramics. It was love at first sight with Gabo's ceramics and we've been hooked since then. Her beautiful patterns, bright colors and the coolest textures are unlike anything we've seen or carried at ARO. We think she deserves a spotlight and we're excited to share her story with you. Born in born in Tarimoro, Guanjuato, Mexico and raised in Texas - she now lives and works in Houston, Texas. She fell into ceramics when taking a high school sculpture class and to this day, she continues to do what she loves. You can find her work displayed in art galleries and hotels around Texas.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

My name is Gabo Martinez, also known as Gabo Martini. My pronouns are She/Her. I am a potter crafting wares out of Houston, Texas.  I was born in  Tarimoro, Guanajuato, MX. A little pueblito close to Celaya. My parents then migrated to Houston, where I was raised. I spent my childhood summers traveling in Mexico. The colorful towns of Mexico directly influence the aesthetic choices I make within my work. 

When did you start making ceramics? 

I was introduced to clay in my high school sculpture. I found it to be a therapeutic medium and declared to study Ceramics at Texas State University. I fell in love with clay and earned my BFA in Ceramics after much practice and many, many failures. It wasn't until my last year of undergrad that I truly found my style and voice. 

Where do you find your inspiration for your projects? 

Recently, I've been really inspired by the Chupicuaro culture and the ceramic artifacts they crafted in the central region of Mexico. These indigenous technologies fuel my creative imagination and inspire me to look into American Indian Ceramics. 

What do you enjoy most about you do? 

I really enjoy being in my studio and getting into the flow of creating. When I am flowing, I am meditating, and it allows me to be present and mindful with my pots. I especially enjoy the process of carving the soft clay and producing the relief motifs of my sgraffito work. 

What has been your favorite product/piece to source and see come to life? 

My best work to date has been the diptych that I crafted for my Senior BFA Thesis Show. I made two 3-foot pots that were carved and engraved with very personal poems that I wrote in Spanish. The challenge of making large pieces is invigorating, but also the process of mindfully carving my own poetry onto these future artifacts was incredibly validating. One of these pieces can be found at the Proper Hotel in Austin, Texas. 




 Gabo Martini at the Proper Austin Hotel