Ale Bremer

Ale Bremer is the creator of a jewelry line by the same name. She hails from the desert of northern Mexico, where her grandfather, a metallurgical engineer, awoke her interest and appreciation for metals and craftsmanship.

She moved to the U.S-Mexico border where she felt a thriving desire to dedicate her life to become a Metalsmith and earned a degree in Fine Arts, she has been designing and making jewelry since 2003.

Ale moved to New York in 2011, now living between two cities, often going back to Mexico City to work with local artisans.
Spending most of her time in the studio, making everything by hand, as she believes in the importance of making every single piece as important for her as for the customer who’ll receive it.

Ale is constantly seeking new ideas that captivate ideological contrasts, working in costume, semi-fine and fine jewelry, her jewelry is a nostalgic interpretation of the reflection of her Mexican culture and the Southwest.  

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