Two sisters, Sofie and Emma Lyddon, who are children of the desert, channeled their creative energy to manifest the mystical brand, Bluebeard. As long lovers of all things magical and earthly, Sofie and Emma were always mystified by the world around them. They always felt a strong connection to the earth, and also to the realms beyond. As children, their mother would feed their innate curiosity by reading them old folklores and fables. Their favorite and never forgotten was the tale of bluebeard.

The sisters come from a wide range of knowledge, Emma graduated from University of Texas with a Bachelors in Studio Art and Sofie graduated from Parsons with an Associates in Fashion Design, as well as a Bachelors in Communication from University of Illinois. Together, they combine their wisdom to craft captivating, celestial pieces that speak to one’s innermost potential. The sisters aim to create a brand that evokes the power within, drawing inspiration from ancient symbols, cultures, ideologies, and of course mother earth and her celestial neighbor, the moon. With a unique, spellbinding aesthetic, Bluebeard is a wild, yet beguiling label that aims to inspire, empower, and enchant.

There is a hank of beard, which is kept at the convent of the white nuns in the far mountains. How it came to the convent no one knows. Some say it was the nuns who buried what was left of his body, for no one else would touch it. My friend’s friend has seen it with her own eyes. She says the beard is blue, indigo-colored, to be exact. It is as blue as the dark ice in the lake, as blue as the shadow of a hole at night. This beard was once worn by one who they say was a failed magician, a giant man with an eye for the women, a man known by the name of Bluebeard.

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